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  • Seth

    Seth is a member of the Rogan family (no, that was not done on purpose). His father is [[:hadley-rogan]] which makes [[:quinn-rogan]] his brother and [[:cid]] his cousin.

  • Torriq "Torc" McKregan

    Torriq "Torc" McKregan was a bit of a loner. He lived his life mostly on the outskirts of society, at the base of the Iceshield Mountains, coming into town to stock up on odds and ends, or to shelter in extreme weather. He doesn't much like people, with …

  • Bran

    An employee of Emmett hoslsy he was hired to track down the party for meeting with hoslsy . Generally a good natured person always wanting to help anyone or inspire his friends to help them achieve their goals. Originally born a gnome he was reincarnated …