Dark Tide Rising

Session Forty-Five

The party asks Grandfather what they can do to defeat the Deep Titan. Their question is answered in an unusual manner. The adventurers begin to experience the effects of the black pills. After a period of temporal and physical disassociation, they find themselves in a pleasant outdoor setting. Dozens of well-dressed people are milling about, enjoying food and drink. After modifying their appearance, so as not to draw attention, the adventurers determine that they are at a wedding reception.

Soon they are approached by a server who is unusually insistent that they sample some appetizers. The server turns out to be Frost. Frost is perplexed as to why the party has decided to show up here. He informs them that he and his associates are conducting a covert operation. Frost’s organization has determined that the father of the groom, a man named Zin, is one of the lead alchemists at the cloning facility. Zin normally does not leave the facility, but has made an exception for his son’s wedding. Furthermore, Frost believes that some of the other guests might be Zin’s colleagues. The goal of the operation is to gather intelligence and hopefully determine a way to infiltrate the cloning facility.

The party agrees to help observe Zin. As the wedding reception continues, the adventurers notice several guests that appear very out of place. A half dozen eathergaunts are walking through the crowd, seemingly unnoticed by the rest of the partygoers. Suddenly, the creatures draw weapons. Bran thinks quickly and puts on a terrifying display. Wedding guests scatter in fear, leaving the outsiders standing in stunned confusion. The adventurers manage to kill, capture, or drive off all of the eathergaunts before anyone is hurt.

Zin approaches the party and thanks them profusely for saving him. After talking to Zin, the group determines that he is a decent person who was misled by propaganda. He believed that his work at the cloning facility was going to be used to defend the surface from evil aggressors. Apparently, since the project was nearly complete, Zin and his colleagues were no longer needed and had been targeted for assassination. Interrogation of the captured eathergaunts confirms that they were hired by the head of the facility, a master alchemist named Malachi.

Zin is outraged, and offers to help the party. The adventurers devise a plan to infiltrate the cloning facility. Zin and his colleagues enter the facility, disable its magical defenses, and activate the device that allows teleportation inside the complex. Once inside, the party splits into two teams. The first team creates a distraction, while the second team isolates Malachi. Meanwhile, Zin injects an alchemical formula into the Thaesium tanks which will significantly weaken the armor thrulls.

The plan works. Malachi is defeated and the aquatic thrulls are neutralized. As Malachi dies, he issues a verbal command. A tremendous cacophony is heard from deep within the complex. After the fight, the party investigates and finds a huge hole has been torn through the iron walls of the facility. Something very large has apparently clawed its way out through the roof. Some sort of metallic crimson substance drips from a container nearby. The adventurers collect a sample of the substance and teleport away.


XP: 200,000

Session Forty-Five

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