Alchemically resurrected mercinary


Goo-Head appears to have been a male tiefling originally. When the party encountered him, his skin was gray and desiccated. His most notable feature was a large wound on his neck that had been stitched closed and oozed glowing green goo.

After being defeated by the party, Goo-Head’s original body was destroyed. Thanks to a bargain he made with the group, his head is now sewn to the body of a thaesium mutant. This body has thick, rock-like protrusions all over its skin.


The party never learned this creature’s actual name, so they have always referred to him as Goo-Head (due to the green substance that is constantly oozing from his neck wound).

Goo-Head was the leader of a group of mercenaries who guarded the abandoned thaesium mine near Fort Kelgren. At some point before encountering the party, Goo-Head met an untimely end. Some form of alchemical resurrection was used to reanimate his body. The process left his consciousness intact, but the normal metabolic functions of his body did not resume. It was later learned that he requires regular infusions of an alchemical remedy to remain animated.

Goo-Head revealed that he had been employed by the local prefect, a man named Alestair. He was instructed to kill anyone who came near the abandoned mine. Goo-Head offered proof that Alestair caused the deaths of dozens of miners in exchange for a new body (his original having been destroyed by the party) and his freedom. The group reluctantly agreed under the condition that he relocate to a different plane, and never return to Thron.


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