The man with no face


Though they have met him several times, the party still has no idea what Frost actually looks like. In fact, they cannot even be sure that he is actually a he. Frost has some sort of permanent aura that causes people to immediately forget his name and face as soon as he is no longer in view.


Frost has crossed paths with the party during several of their adventures. He seems to have taken an interest in their investigation of the far realm incursion. He has aided the group more than once, but remains frustratingly obscure about his motivations. Helmsley has expressed a strong dislike for Frost, but the feeling is apparently not mutual. In one of their earliest conversations, Frost informed the party that there are many factions with an interest in recent events, and that there are more forces at work than good and evil.

The party recently discovered that Frost is part of a larger organization of similar individuals. He and his associates have offered to help locate and deal with far realm incursion points around Thron.


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