Dark Tide Rising

Session Twenty-Seven

Having traveled back in time to before the boat fight, the party begins their day again. The group receives a visit from a mysterious pair of gentlemen who warn them against further ‘temporal infractions’. The men also inform the adventurers that the entity on the boat will be able to recall events from the previous timeline, just as they can. In light of this, the group decides not to re-attempt their assault.

Instead, the party decides to go to Doza (reason?). In order to get there, they have to travel by boat. At this time of year, the waters near Doza tend to freeze, which makes such a voyage very difficult. The group comes up with a novel solution involving summoned creatures and other magic to help speed up the journey. As it turns out, being able to traverse the icy waters also puts them in the position to make some money, as merchants are willing to pay handsomely to get their goods to Doza.

The party sets out with a small crew and a full hold. The trip goes fairly well at first. Roughly half a day from Doza, the ship is attacked by a massive fish. A pair of merfolk spellcasters are sighted as well, apparently directing the fish. With the aid of some magic items and spell, the adventurers take the fight to their opponents. Soon the sea creatures are all either dead or fled. On a whim, the party decides to take the body of the giant fish to doza.

Stuff happens (I assume)

The party is in a tavern when they hear a familiar voice. They look over to see Sir Jensen sitting at a table with several other people and laughing raucously. Knowing full well that the real Sir Jensen is dead, the group immediately goes to confront him. A fight breaks out. Most of the false knight’s allies are defeated by the adventurers. In a desperate move, a female companion of the pretender uses a strange power. Suddenly, the ghost of the Wavecrest vigilante manifests and attacks the party. This gives the fake Sir Jensen and his companion time to escape. With some effort, the group is able to defeat the ghost, but they notice that she has become stronger since their last encounter.



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