Dark Tide Rising

Session Twenty-Nine

Sorting Out Seth

If I ever find the notes for this session I’ll do a proper write-up, but since several important things happened I wanted to at least put a summary up on here.

In this session the party finally learned what was causing Seth’s strange behavior over the last few months. He had picked up a sword way back in the Ulgastrasta cave that was slowly taking over his mind. The sword was inhabited by the disembodied soul of an assassin named Dirk. Dirk had worked for the Iron Band but was betrayed and murdered by his employers. The sword in Seth’s possession was actually the weapon used to kill Dirk. Over time it passed through several hands until its owner was killed by the Ulgastrasta. Dirk had been appearing to Seth and giving him information. Most of the group’s interactions with the Iron Band are due to Dirk’s “leads”. Over time, Dirk became strong enough to take over Seth’s body for short periods of time. Around the time of the party’s trip to the alienist’s house (session 23), Dirk gained complete control over Seth. Not long after this, Dirk/Seth left the party (this is not mentioned in the other write-ups because it’s a bit of a retcon, this is around when Matt started school and couldn’t come to games any more). The party used their crazy black pill mind mojo to enter the sword (or Seth’s brain, I can’t remember) and fight Dirk. There was also a big showdown in the real world with a gang that Dirk was assembling. In the end, the party managed to destroy the sword and boot Dirk out of Seth’s brain.



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