Dark Tide Rising

Session Twenty-Eight

The group decides to return to the undersea passage that they found at the bottom of the excavation site in Belle Mare. Helmsley has equipped the group with magical pearls, which allow them to breathe and move under water, and protect them from the extreme pressure of the deep. The group passes through the massive portal and into the unknown darkness beyond.

The group descends along an undersea cliff for some time. Eventually, they become aware of a structure nearby. The adventurers move in to investigate and find a huge tower. Before they can find an entrance, a group of fish-men (similar to those the party encountered in Belle Mare) closes in. The group is able to repel the attack, but not without cost. Though they succeeded in fending off the initial defenders, the party decides that they do not want to enter the tower and risk another encounter in their current state. They decide to return another day.



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