Dark Tide Rising

Session Forty

Once Olos is safe, and reasonably convinced that the party is trying to help him, he tells the group that he has evidence of a connection between the amphibious humanoids and the Iron Band. He leads the party to what looks like an abandoned house. As they enter the house, there is a dead body in the front hall. Olos casually walks past the corpse, but the adventurers take a moment to examine it. The unfortunate fellow apparently died from a cut throat, and has been dead for several weeks. Olos takes the party to a sitting room and lights several cones of incense. As the air fills with smoke, the group is transported to the ethereal plane. There, the room and furniture appear as a hazy, insubstantial echoes of their material counterparts. Sitting in one of the chairs is the murdered owner of the house.

The owner is perturbed that Olos has brought strangers into his house, but the smuggler is able to ease his suspicion. Almost immediately, Torc mentions that there is another ghost that often attacks the party. The owner’s eyes widen in terror as several figures enter the room through the walls. The Wavecrest vigilante has apparently recruited allies (the ghosts of Leeland Vannicutt, Ghren the Mule, and a wizard from the clone facility). The adventurers are narrowly able to fend off the angry spirits, but Olos is killed in the fight. His ghost immediately appears as his body falls.

After the fight, and an angry tirade from the owner, the party learns why they are there. The ghostly host was once a bookkeeper for the Iron Band. He managed the accounts of several very highly placed members of the organization. A while ago, he noticed something. Members of the Iron Band tend to disappear when they become a liability. This is not unusual. However, when someone is “disappeared”, there is usually a corresponding payment to a “specialist” in these matters. The bookkeeper noted a sharp drop-off in such payments. Out of curiosity, he began compiling a list of Iron Band members who had gone missing over the last few years. He then cross referenced the list with payments to hit-men. What he ended up with was a list of nearly a hundred people who had vanished without the normal explanation. The bookkeeper believes that he was murdered by someone who didn’t want this list to get out. He directs the party to a hidden compartment in an upstairs bedroom. Inside is a journal containing a copy of the list.

In order to prove the link, the party determines that they will need to find one of the amphibianoids. They begin searching near the waterfront the same night. Before long, they run into Frost. He informs the party that he has arranged a meeting that will be beneficial to them. He hands Zarrik a teleport beacon and tells Torc to put his weapons away. The teleport destination turns out to be a grell nest deep within the catacombs. The creatures seem to be willing to talk. When questioned about the amphibianoids, the grell reveal that they have recently killed some of the creatures. Their flesh turned out to be inedible, so the bodies are still intact. The grell indicate that the amphibianoids are minions of “The Enemy”. They agree to hand over the bodies if it will bring about the downfall of “The Enemy”.

The party goes to Rico’s casino and presents their evidence. The gangster’s demeanor goes from jovial to deadly in an instant. He tells the party to return the next day. When they do so, they find that the casino is closed, and guarded like a fortress. They are admitted without question, but required to disarm and wear magic-inhibiting headbands. Inside, a dozen high ranking members of the Iron Band are assembled. The adventurers bring out the bodies of the amphibanoids and the list of names. One of the bodyguards in the room identifies the corpses as known (former) members of the Iron Band. The bosses clear the room to discuss the issue with the party.

The bosses agree that the Iron Band has been infiltrated and manipulated at the highest levels. Some want to act, but others are unwilling to risk losing their hold on power. In the end the assembly agrees to back the party with equipment and information, but they and their subordinates will not actively participate. The adventurers are given the location of a magic item dealer so they can equip for their task.


XP: 80,000

Session Forty

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