The Capital City of Gryphon

The capital city of the kingdom of Gryphon is also called Gryphon (the eponymous general was not know for his humility). This can be confusing to outsiders, as it is often difficult to determine if someone is referring to the country or the city. Locals have become adept at distinguishing between the two based on context, but tend to refer to the city simply as “The Capital” when speaking to foreigners.

The Capital City of Gryphon was founded in an era of perpetual conflict. Before the city-states of the region were unified under a single banner, they waged war upon one another constantly. As a result, the city was designed primarily to defend against a siege. Residents are defended by three concentric curtain walls. The outermost wall is several miles in diameter and encloses enough farmland to keep the city supplied for months. Inside the second wall is the city proper. Hundreds of thousands of souls make their homes here and engage in virtually every industry imaginable. Within the third and highest wall are the estates of Gryphon’s nobility and the royal castle itself.

One of the most notable sights in Gryphon is the Elite Guard. While traditional watchmen and horse mounted patrols are ever present on the ground, the Elite Guard soars overhead. True to the name of their city, the chosen steeds of the Elite Guard are trained griffons. Even in a city that draws powerful denizens from throughout the world, few are willing to stand against a squadron of Gryphon’s Elite Guard.

The Capital is the third most populous urban center on Thorcadia (surpassed only by Doza and Paseo). It is an awesome sight to behold, and can be quite overwhelming to a first time visitor.

The Capital City of Gryphon

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