House Wallenquist

House Wallenquist is one of the most powerful merchant houses in Doza. Their wealth and influence are surpassed only by the dwarven families. House Wallenquist’s trade network spans half of the continent. Vilos Wallenquist, the current patriarch of the house, is primarily responsible for its rise to power over the last fifty years.

In addition to a merchant fleet larger than most royal navies, House Wallenquist employs a small army of elite guards and highly trained wizards. These forces are outfitted with the best equipment money can buy. Recently, House Wallenquist has demonstrated the ability to mobilize large numbers of troops to remote locations (via teleportation) at a moments notice.

There are over a hundred members of the house proper, most of whom hold key positions within the family business. Hundreds more are counted as loyal members of the house, though they do not bear the family name.

Notable Members of House Wallenquist

  • Vilos Wallenquist
  • Arius Wallenquist
  • Rourke Wallenquist
  • Demitri Wallenquist

Known Associates of House Wallenquist

  • The Alienist

House Wallenquist

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