Gods of Light

  • Greater Powers
    • Storm (Justice, Honor, Strength)
    • Borkanis (Knowledge, History, Learning)
    • Somsa (Healing, Nurturing, Mercy)
  • Intermediate Powers
    • Kaithessia (Magic)
    • Ceridwen (Wishing, Shapechanging, Dreams)
    • Engalica (Skill at Arms, Athletics, Women)
  • Lesser Powers
    • Alenk (Adventure, Discovery, Intrepidness)
    • Bulwogar (Joy, Mischief, Oddities)
    • Aratose (Music, Storytelling, Art)
    • Seratose (Spring, Nature, Fertility)

Gods of Balance

  • Intermediate Powers
    • Magnus (The Sun)
    • Rom (Winter)
    • Durgo (Toil, Craftsmanship, Building, The Land)
    • Shariel (The Sea, Fishing, Sailors)
  • Lesser Powers
    • Ishka (The Stars, Travel, Exploration)
    • Surge (Battle, Glory, Bravery)
    • Olimra (Peace, Forgiveness, Trust)
    • Marisol (Luck)
    • Tibbax (Cats, Hunters, Stealth)
    • Iolis (Warden of the Dead)

Gods of Darkness

  • Greater Powers
    • Borg (Fear, Deception, Nightmares)
    • Glasia (Temptation, Seduction, Lust)
  • Intermediate Powers
    • Tsu Norom (Madness, Storms, The Beast)
    • Vruell (Hatred, Cruelty, Murder)
    • Lassic (Darkness, Night Creatures, Undead)
    • Kainen (The Machine)
  • Lesser Powers
    • Faige (Plague, Illness, Filth)
    • Morgex (Rot, Decay, Corruption)
    • Rygara (Rage, Flame, Destruction, Vengeance)
    • Vhati (Sorrow, Despair, Pain)

Note: This is not a complete list of Thron’s Pantheon. Some gods are not widely known, or choose to remain hidden.


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