Borg is the god of fear, deception, and nightmares. In myths and legends, he is rarely depicted in the same form twice. He variously appears as a huge horned beast, a charming stranger, a fierce warrior who wears armor made from charred flesh, and a comely temptress. As is befitting a god of deception, no mortal claims to truly understand Borg’s motivations. His schemes often appear to be random and sometimes even contradictory.

Borg takes immense pleasure in the fear of mortals. He often visits people in their dreams to personally terrorize them. On a less primal level, Borg appreciates the power of fear to motivate otherwise virtuous people to commit evil acts.

Borg’s worshipers almost never form organized churches. They tend to be individuals who live lives of deception, or want to hide their true intentions. Con artists, politicians, and charlatans commonly venerate Borg. His most favored disciples are those who delight in causing terror for its own sake. Most of these followers are vicious killers and psychopaths.

Borg uses many different symbols (some are invented by his followers to deliberately throw people off), but the most common ones are a black skull or mask.


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