Black Pills

The party found a small metal canister hidden in the wall of an abandoned manor. The canister is always cold to the touch, even if it is subjected to heat. Inside the canister are several black pills, each about the size of a jelly-bean. The number of pills in the canister varies each time it is opened. It is always the same as the number of people who intend to take them. There have also been several occasions when there were no pills in the canister.

It is unknown what substance the black pills are made of, but it occasionally acts as if it is alive. As soon as a person holding a pill makes the conscious decision to consume it, the pill grows tiny spines and pierces the person’s skin. It then transforms into a liquid and seeps through the wound, and into the bloodstream. The pills seem to have the ability to choose when they want to be consumed. They almost never appear in the canister for people other than the current party members. It has been hinted that the pills would be lethal to someone other than a person for whom they were intended.

The effects of taking a pill are very unpredictable. Hallucinations and time distortion are the most common. The pills often grant a short term hypercognative ability, allowing the user to extrapolate seemingly impossibly amounts of information. A lasting effect of the pills appears to be an enhanced ability to perceive other realities. Some other effects of the pills include:

  • The ability to see entities that exist outside of three-dimensional space
  • The ability to enter non-physical realms, such as the dream plane, and individual mindscapes
  • The ability to experience events from the past or future by temporarily displacing their consciousness and inhabiting the persona of someone from that time (the party is not able to actively control this ability)

Black Pills

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