Dark Tide Rising

Session Two
Hargo's Trail

Quinn shares the details of his dream with the group and they decide to focus their efforts on finding Hargo Rogan. They ask around town and eventually run into an old associate of Hargo’s named Reiley. As is turns out, Hargo owes Reiley a large sum of money. Reiley refuses to tell the party anything unless they agree to repay the debt, as he is beginning to suspect that he won’t be seeing Hargo again. The party is willing to take on the debt but has no way to get the money. Reiley suggests an impromptu bareknuckle match at the tavern in which they are meeting. Torc agrees to fight and wins enough money to satisfy the debt. Reiley reveals that Hargo has been acting very strange lately. Hargo’s plan was to travel to a small mining town at the foot of the Iceshields and use the money he borrowed to mount an expedition into the mountains.

Since Hadley Rogan (Seth and Quinn’s father) is in charge of several supply caravans which travel between the Iceshields and the capital, it is a simple matter for the party to find a group heading north. They also meet an old friend of Torc’s named Morgrim, who decides to join them. It is fairly late in the year so there are few travelers on the roads. At one point during the journey, the group is attacked by a pack of drudge. However, the party proves to be more than a match for the creatures. The group arrives in the mining town and begins asking around about Hargo. In one of the inns they visit, the innkeeper tells them that there is a letter waiting for them. The party is somewhat surprised by this and asks who the letter is from. The innkeeper says only that a man delivered it several weeks ago and paid him to give it to a group matching their description. The letter turns out to be from Urick and warns the party not to follow Hargo into the mountains. The party questions the innkeeper further about how he got the letter. He describes the man who delivered it and his description matches that of Urick. The innkeeper is unable to tell them anything else of use so they return to asking about Hargo. Eventually they find that Hargo was indeed trying to hire a guide, but no one was willing to risk a trek into the mountains at this time of year. They are told that he would not be dissuaded and set out on his own. By all accounts this is an act of suicide. The party decides to purchase whatever gear they can afford and follow Hargo.

Session One
Where is uncle Urick?

The group is gathered at the Rogan household where they learn that Seth and Quinn’s uncle Urick has not been heard from in some time. They decide to visit Urick’s house to check on him. Urick is a scribe by trade, and his house is also his place of business. The group gains entry to the main floor of the building and finds it in a state of neglect. As they are exploring the first floor they hear a sound from the upper floor that sounds like someone moving about. They go to search the upper floor and discover several unusual tableaus. Every surface of the hall is covered in writing, even the furniture. The writing is completely nonsensical. One room has an incredibly detailed painting of a mountain covering an entire wall. In Urick’s bedroom the group finds a crude sculpture made out of junk. In his study they find a journal that appears to have one side of a conversation written in it. After searching the entire place, the group finds no sign of Urick or anyone else. As they are returning to relay this news to Seth and Quinn’s mother, they happen upon a group of town watchmen arresting a woman. The woman summons a swarm of rats to attack the guards and the group intervenes to save them. The woman uses several other strange powers against them, but she is eventually subdued. It turns out that the reason she is being arrested is that she went crazy and attacked her family. One of the guards facilitating her arrest makes a very strange comment about her “swimming too deep” but does not seem to remember saying it when asked. When the group reaches the Rogan household, they learn that the family still owns a farmstead several miles outside of town. They decide to go there in the morning. The next day they learn that Urick’s house has burned to the ground. They set out to find the farmstead but get lost along the way. By the time they reach the farmstead it is well past dark and raining hard. The group makes camp and plans to search the area in the morning. That night, Quinn sees Urick approaching the tent through the torrential rain. Urick tells Quinn to find Hargo (Quinn and Seth’s brother). Quinn then awakens to discover that his vision of Urick was just a dream. The group spends the next day searching the farmstead. In a nearby cave they find Urick’s body which appears to have been there for several days. They also find another drawing of a mountain. They take Urick’s body back to Keswick to be buried.


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