Rourke Wallenquist

House Wallenquist's errand boy


Rourke Wallenquist is a slender man in his early thirties. He has light brown hair and wears a thin, well-trimmed beard. As befits his family’s wealth, Rourke is always dressed in expensive clothing.


Rourke Wallenquist is usually to be found in some far-flung location, handling the family’s dirty-work. He has a talent for manipulation and a total lack of compassion for those he exploits. The party has crossed paths with Rourke several times, though not always as themselves.

Know Activities

  • Forced Hargo to retrieve the tablet by threatening his family
  • Was present for the ritual that created the deep ones
  • Hired Levistras to erase the party’s minds

Rourke Wallenquist

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