Emmett Helmsley

Party benefactor


Helmsley is a handsome man in his early fifties. He has dark, but graying, hair, and is usually clean shaven. He tends to favor practical attire over lavish finery, but maintains an air of wealth and sophistication.


Emmet Helmsley is a wealthy nobleman, living in The Capital City of Gryphon. He uses his vast resources to fund various adventuring parties. He has several groups working for him at any time, carrying out missions to further his business and political interests. These groups also serve as an information network. Helmsley’s goals may appear materialistic to outsiders, but his true motivations are more virtuous. He works in secret to bring down organizations and individuals who are too powerful or influential for the authorities to oppose openly.

The party originally began working for Helmsley in exchange for his help in restoring Hargo’s consciousness. However, as they began to learn more about the far realm incursion, Helmsley agreed to fund further investigation. When the group was convicted of Father Leland Vannicutt’s murder, Helmsley was forced to distance himself from them.

Emmett Helmsley

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