Hargo Rogan

Brother of Seth and Quinn, Cousin of Cid


At the time of his disappearance, Hargo was in his late 20’s. He is a tall man, with coal black hair and brown eyes. Hargo is a warrior by trade, so he is in peak physical condition. He has a few scars from his years of adventuring, but nothing terribly conspicuous.

The party has encountered Hargo in various visions and dreamscapes. Each time they see him, he appears to be a different age. Once when they spoke to him, he looked to be in his 50’s, with graying hair and wrinkles around his eyes.


Hargo Rogan was born in Keswick. As a youth, he accompanied his father’s caravans which ran ore from the foothills of the Iceshield Mountains, to the capital city of Gryphon. It was on these trips that he acquired a taste for adventure. When he came of age, he went off to serve his mandatory time in Gryphon’s military. After his enlistment was up, Hargo formed an adventuring group.

Roughly five years ago, Hargo’s party journeyed to the jungles of southern Thorcadia to investigate an ancient ziggurat. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Hargo was being forced by House Wallenquist to retrieve an artifact from the ruins. Their mission was successful, but Hargo soon discovered that the Wallenquists were somehow using the artifact to open a doorway to the far realm. He and his group tracked the Wallenquists and attempted to recover the artifact, but they were unsuccessful. All of Hargo’s original party members were killed in this attempt.

Little is know about Hargo’s activities after the disastrous encounter with the Wallenquists. It is known that he communicated frequently with his uncle Urik during this period. Evidence found in Urik’s home suggests that Hargo became obsessed with something he believed to be in the Iceshield Mountains. It also appears that his mental state was becoming increasingly unstable. Hargo disappeared just before the beginning of the campaign timeline. The party would later discover that he had traveled into the Iceshields alone. They discovered him unconscious in a tunnel at the bottom of massive crater.

At some point during his foray into the Iceshield Mountains, Hargo’s consciousness was displaced from his body. All attempts to revive him from his comatose state have failed. Furthermore, his consciousness seems to have come unstuck in time. Hargo has managed to communicate with the party on several occasions, but he often does not seem to know where he is in the timeline, and his appearances do not occur in the same chronological order as events from the party’s perspective.

In his disembodied form, Hargo has been searching for a way to stop the far realm incursion. He told the party that he has traveled backwards and forwards through multiple alternate timelines. Hargo has indicated that he can change events in the past, but doing so has always resulted in disaster. He has come to the conclusion that the best chance of stopping the incursion is to assist the party any way he can.

Hargo Rogan

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