The soul of an assassin hidden in a sword


When he appeared to Seth, Dirk was a male half-elf wearing leather armor. He was clean shaven with light brown hair and green eyes.

To everyone else he looked like a masterwork short sword that dripped acid in combat.


In life, Dirk was a contract killer for the Iron Band. After a particularly high-profile job, Dirk’s employers decided that he was a loose end. When he came to collect his payment, he got a sword in the back instead. Consumed with rage over this betrayal, Dirk’s soul remained trapped in the blade that killed him. Over time, Dirk developed the ability to exert mental control over the wielder of the sword. It was a slow learning process, and the first few owners of the weapon met violent ends before Dirk mastered this power. By the time he did, the sword that was his vessel had passed through many hands, and traveled across the Heartsea.

Some years later, Seth discovered the sword in the lair of an ulgustrasta (the previous owner having been consumed by the beast). Soon after, Dirk began appearing to Seth as a hallucination. Dirk persuaded Seth to steer his party in the direction of Fort Blackrock. Along the way, Dirk manipulated Seth into settling a few old scores. Every time Seth complied with a directive, Dirk increased the magical enchantment on the sword. Dirk also provided Seth with information that was useful to the party.

The longer Seth remained in possession of the blade, the more influence Dirk gained over him. Eventually, Dirk was able to completely take over Seth’s body for short periods. Seth developed an annoying habit of disappearing. Dirk managed to cross off most of the names on his hit list, either through direct action, or by tricking the party into doing it for him.

Around the time the group met Rico, Dirk managed to assert permanent control over Seth’s body. He left the group for several weeks, with the goal of setting up his own criminal enterprise in Fort Blackrock. The party tracked him down and finally learned the truth about Seth’s multiple personalities. They used the black pills to enter Seth’s mind and evict Dirk. Afterward, they destroyed the sword, putting an end to Dirk for good.


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