Prefect of Nordare Province, Landar


Alestair was the prefect of an area in northern Landar. His domain included Fort Kelgren and several nearby mining interests. Some years prior to the events of the campaign, Alestair masterminded a plot to extract a deposit of thaesium that had been discovered in a local mine. He instructed the unsuspecting miners to excavate the mineral, fully aware that exposure to thaesium is typically lethal. Alestair sold the ore to an unknown buyer in the east. All of the miners who worked to extract the thaesium died.

The party obtained proof of Alestair’s involvement in this plot, and tracked him to a remote mountain retreat. When they confronted the prefect, he turned out to be nothing but an illusion. As it happened, Alestair had already met a violent end as a result of his crimes. His wife Allanis was posing as the prefect and continuing to rule in his place. She was not alone in this, however. Unknown to Allanis, someone else had been periodically impersonating Alestair in order to give continuing instructions to a group of mercenaries that the late prefect had hired.


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