Dark Tide Rising

Session Thirty-Six

Mostly Dead Ends

Planning: With the new knowledge of House Wallenquist’s plan to engineer a war in the Heartsea, the group considers several courses of action. They discuss attempting to take down the Wallenquists, or drive the deep titan out of the Heartsea. Both of these are mighty tasks, and it is difficult to even know where to start. There is also some discussion of attempting to broker a peace between land and water dwellers before the Wallenquist’s war can begin.

A visit from Raban: The group is eating at a tavern in Belle Mare when all the patrons decide to go to sleep at the same time. The door opens and a sun-scorched desert can be seen on the other side (rather than the cold, rainy night that is actually outside). Raban and his new associates enter the tavern. Raban manages to convince the party that he just wants to talk, and a fight is avoided. Raban takes Torc and Cid aside to speak with them privately. The conversation does not go well, and all the tables in the tavern suddenly collapse under a wave of telekinetic rage. Raban makes a threat towards Katarina as he storms out, which causes Torc to charge with weapons drawn. His charge is halted by an unseen force, and Raban’s party leaves with no further incident..

Refugees: The party formulates a plan to shelter refugees from the Heartsea in a remote lake. They begin to construct accommodations and transport any who are willing to go. They also begin training additional resistance fighters.

Another conversation with Borg: The party is readying themselves for an assault on the dream entity, when Cid finds an unfamiliar object amongst his possessions. It is a small cube, six inches on a side, which appears to be made up of clockwork components. Cid discovers that he can move parts of the surface, and after a few modifications the box unfolds. The room grows black, and a macabre figure covered in self-inflicted mutilations appears. The figure begins an ominous speech, but it is cut short when he apparently recognizes the adventurers and ushers them past. The group once again encounters Borg, the god of fear. Borg presents the party with a plan for eliminating the dream entity for good. He tells them to find a more appealing vessel than Hargo’s body to draw the creature out. Borg promises that once this is done, he will handle the rest.

Meanwhile, beneath the Heartsea: Alys returns to the party with a mission. She informs the group that some cultists are trying to raise the sea king that the adventurers killed in the darfellen settlement. The party teleports to the location of the ritual and does battle with a group of deep titan cultists. After the battle, they discover that the ritual to raise the sea king was partially complete. The creature’s body is alive, but the soul has not been returned to it. They decide that this will make a good receptacle to lure the dream entity.


XP 60000

Session Thirty-Six

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