Dark Tide Rising

Session Thirty-Nine

Bring me Olos

Frost confers with his associates and discovers a useful piece of information. Several members of the Cerulean Sign (an interplanar group devoted to destroying aberrations) has been seen in Fort Blackrock. The party decides to follow up on this lead, as it will also give them an opportunity to investigate the link between the Wallenquists and the Iron Band. They teleport to Fort Blackrock, and make contact with Booker. In exchange for a fee, Booker uses his extensive network of contacts to ask around about the Cerulean Sign group. The next day, Booker leads the party to a run-down slum, and introduces them to a young boy who apparently served as a guide for the Cerulean Sign group. Booker pays the boy, and he shows the adventurers where he led the planar visitors.

Their destination turns out to be the catacombs beneath the seaward walls of the city. Over the centuries, as the fortifications were built up and expanded, many passageways and chambers within the massive walls fell into disuse. These abandoned corridors are quite extensive, and they have never been fully mapped. The most easily accessible areas are often used for illicit activity, or as shelter for the desperate. Few visitors ever venture into the deeper chambers. Stories abound of terrible creatures that make their home in the dark recesses of the catacombs, but the real danger is the labyrinthine nature of the passages. Explorers who lose their way are more likely to die from thirst or hunger rather than ravenous subterranean beasts.

The party is explores the entrance to the catacombs, and soon they locate a set of tracks that lead further into the deep chambers. Torc is able to follow the tracks quite easily, and the adventurers mark their route to avoid becoming lost. After a few hours of travel, the party finds the site of a battle. Recent damage to the walls shows evidence that several offensive spells were used. The badly charred and dismembered remains of several people litter the ground. A search of the area reveals a glowing blue rune on a wall, obscured by scorch marks. Since all the experts in such matters remained above, the party decides to chisel out the section of the wall with the rune on it, and take it back to the surface.

Back at Booker’s place, Quinn is able to examine the rune. After studying it for a bit, he asks Cid to cast a healing spell on it. Cid obliges, and the rune transforms into a, somewhat confused, woman. The woman was a member of the Cerulean Sign party. She and her colleagues were searching the catacombs, when they were ambushed by a group of grell. She was struck by a potentially fatal attack, but a spell cast by one of her allies preserved her by transforming her into a rune. She is unable to provide much detailed information about what her group was looking for, as she was not in command. Seeking vengeance for her slain companions, she agrees to join the party.

The adventurers return to the catacombs, and spend a full week exploring, but do not encounter any grell. The new member of the group senses that she is being scryed upon. In turn, the party tries to scry on the grell, but after the first attempt Bran discovers that his attempts are being actively blocked. The group decides to focus their attention on the Iron Band instead. They ask Booker to use his contacts again. This time they want to know if anyone has seen the amphibious humanoids in Fort Blackrock. Though Booker is reluctant to investigate anything that might be connected to the Iron Band, he agrees to help. Surprisingly, he turns up a very useful lead almost right away.

A low ranking smuggler and member of the Iron Band named Olos has been talking about strange events in Fort Blackrock. He has developed a reputation over the years for his wild theories, but most people just wrote him off as a crackpot. However, he recently claimed to have evidence to back up one of his stories. Rumor has it that he has fallen out of favor with the Iron Band. Booker has reason to believe that Olos will not live much longer. The party immediately heads to the warehouse district to find the smuggler.

They arrive at Olos’s warehouse in the dead of night. It appears as if all of the gangster’s guards have abandoned him. The group is able to enter the warehouse and they begin making their way to the adjoining residence. Mere minutes after their arrival, the adventurers begin to hear other people trying to force their way in to the building. It soon becomes evident that the warehouse is surrounded, and intruders have broken in at multiple locations. The party quickly locates Olos and subdues him. They fight off over a dozen attackers, who appear to be intent on killing the smuggler. In the end, they are able to escape the siege with Olos safely in their custody.


XP 85,000

Session Thirty-Nine

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