Dark Tide Rising

Session Thirty-Four

Tanks for the memories

• Session begins right after the party discovers a pool full of Aquatic thrulls.
• The group explores further into the complex and finds another large chamber with steps leading down into a huge pool. They swim down and find that it is about 50 feet deep.
• Along the sides of the pool they find hundreds of cylinders, each housing a suit of bio-armor made from the exoskeleton of a thrull.
• A group of soldiers enters the pool but does not spot the party. The soldiers each put on a suit of bio-armor.
• The party follows the soldiers into another underwater chamber and find them fighting with a group of locatha. It is apparent that the locatha were being held prisoner in the chamber.
• The party decides to intervene and save the locatha. They defeat the solders and take a prisoner.
• The adventurers take the freed locatha and the prisoner out of the complex. They manage to get the locatha teleported back to the Heartsea, and they interrogate the prisoner.
• The prisoner reveals some information about the complex. He tells the party where the main research facility is, and who is in charge. The party decides to head back in and try to capture the leader.
• There is a big fight in the central research chamber. The combatants are alchemists and wizards. The alchemists have tubes running all over their bodies which pump mutagens directly into their bloodstream. During the fight, the wizards try to activate some sort of mechanism, but Torc smashes it. The leader never shows up.
• The party captures one of the wizards and takes him, along with the bodies of a couple alchemists, out of the facility.


XP: 60,000

Session Thirty-Four

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