Dark Tide Rising

Session Thirty-Five

The group tries to teleport away from right outside the facility, but the spell is blocked. Zarrick takes the prisoner and the bodies of the alchemists and flies off on Leanne to see if he can get outside the teleport suppression field.

The adventurers decide to go back into the complex. They encounter some soldiers in the airlock, but quickly chop them to pieces. In large chamber beyond the airlock, they see groups of elite soldiers being teleported in. The soldiers are wearing insignias of House Wallenquist. Soon there are over a hundred soldiers in the room, along with several mages. The party decides to leave.

Outside, they see aerial patrols searching the perimeter of the complex. One of the patrols quickly spots the party. The adventurers decide to use their freaky pill powers to escape.

In crazy dream world, the mountain lake outside the complex is frozen over. The ice cracks and a huge (over 100 feet tall) person emerges from a hole in the surface. The person (who looks like a member of house Wallenquist) extends four arms over the beach, and each one drops a life size marionette.
• A Paladin on a horse
• An Iron Band thug
• A Deep One
• An old lady (Windhelm’s housekeeper)

The marionettes attack the party. After beating on them for a few seconds, Torc decides to try cutting their strings. Once all six strings on a marionette are cut, the puppet is neutralized.
• Paladin: Turns into a female priest regurgitating foul water and eventually dissolves
• Thug: Turns into a catfish and burrows into the mud
• Deep one: Bursts into a school of piranha which disperses into the air
• Lady: changes forms every round (Sir Jenson, Cavendish, Alestair) and eventually cuts its own strings and runs off

As soon as the marionettes are all defeated, the huge figure sinks back into the lake. As he disappears, an ornate crown is seen on his head.

The group decides to swim down into the frozen lake. They soon find that they are no longer swimming. Instead they are flying over a frozen tundra. They land and see a huge glacial cliff. A massive door is carved into the glacier and the group enters. Inside they see an ancient frost giant seated on an icy throne. The giant gestures with his hand and a pedestal raises out of the ground. Before the party can see what is on the pedestal, they wake up on their island (near Belle Mare).

The group decides to visit Helmsley and show him the strange alchemical devices. Helmsley is not pleased to see the party (because they are risking their cover identities by visiting him), but he agrees to buy the alchemical gizmos, if only to keep them out of the wrong hands. The party trades Helmsley for some new gear, and returns to their island. There is then a long discussion about what to do with the wizard that they captured in the thrull facility. They spend a while questioning him, and then decide to use their pill powers to show him what is really happening on Thron.

The plan does not go exactly as expected. As soon as the group enters crazy dream world, the wizard turns into a scarecrow. The scarecrow has a sign under each outstretched arm. One sign says forward and the other says backward. The group chooses forward. They have another one of their out of body experiences where they are temporarily other people in another time. This time they are diplomats in the future. They have all come to Doza to discuss the increasing frequency of attacks by the cult of the Deep Titan. The Titan’s minions have crippled all commerce over the Heartsea, and devastated many cities along its shores. The adventures (in their temporary personae) along with dozens of other diplomats spend hours arguing over what is to be done. Eventually, a representative of House Wallenquist addresses the assembly. He reveals that his house has discovered a means of fighting back against the undersea army. He requests that the newly centralized military of the Heartsea Confederation be placed under his house’s authority. At this point, the flash-forward ends, and the party is back in their real bodies. In the meantime, the wizard/captive has escaped.

The party decides to follow up on the vision of the glacier. They got a good enough look at the environment for a greater teleport. The location turns out to be on the western continent. The vision proves to be accurate, and the adventurers find the frost giant just as he appeared in the dream. The giant addresses Bran, and asks if he is prepared to accept a challenge. Bran says yes, and a huge arena forms in the ice. Several creatures made of crystal attack Bran. He defeats them by playing the exact notes which cause the crystal to resonate and shatter. When the battle is done, the giant raises the pedestal of ice. Inside the ice is a stringed instrument. Bran plays another note, and the ice shatters. He takes his prize, and the party returns home.


XP: 60,000

Session Thirty-Five

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