Dark Tide Rising

Session Fourty-Four

The party is contacted by Desmond. Desmond has found a way to acquire the astral crystals that the party needs in order to reunite Hargo’s soul and his body. A planar mining consortium has found a deposit of the crystals, but needs help resolving a dispute over extraction rights. Desmond has volunteered the party as mediators.

Each party member is assigned to one of the six arguing factions. In order to properly advocate for their faction, the adventurers submit to a modified geas. The consortium agrees to give Desmond and the party some astral crystals in exchange for their services. The negotiation fails to achieve a satisfactory deal, but the broker fee is paid regardless.

After returning to Thron, the party is summoned to a meeting by Arius Wallenquist. The meeting takes place in an empty tavern. Arius comments on the recent fall of the Iron Band and admits that the adventurers have been more successful than he had expected. Instead of threatening them however, Aruis attempts to recruit the party. He reveals that the Deep Titan is actually a ruse created by the Wallenquists to incite the undersea races to go to war with the surface, and shows the group an image of a storm giant undergoing magical augmentation. Arius tells the party that he and his allies are manufacturing this “Deep Titan” to rally the forces of the cult.

Arius offers to give the adventurers positions of power once the Wallenquists have taken over the Heartsea, if they will agree to cease their interference. The party refuses the offer. They believe that the Wallenquist’s plan has somehow awoken a dangerous, and very real, threat from the far realm. They try to convince Aruis of this, but he dismisses their efforts. Arius expresses his disappointment, and leaves.

After the meeting, the party is contacted by the envoy of the sea elves. The envoy has someone that he wants the adventurers to meet. He teleports the group to an unknown underwater location. The party finds themselves surrounded by dozens of whales. Below them, in the blackness of the abyss, a titanic whale-like creature comes into view. The envoy refers to the creature as Grandfather. Grandfather communicates to the party and commends them for their efforts. He reassures the adventurers that the Deep Titan is real, and that it must be defeated.


XP: I decided that the xp award distribution based on the point based thing was a little mean, so I raised some of the totals.

Andrew – 150,000 + 100K of magic item enhancement
Jesse – 125,000 + An inherent +2 to a stat
Tim – 100,000 + A bonus feat
Josh – 100,000
Dyllon – 80,000
Tierney – 80,000
Justin – 80,000

Session Fourty-Four

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