Dark Tide Rising

Session Forty-Three

The group spends some time working with their undersea refugee base. Over the last few weeks, many more Heartsea natives have been evacuated, armed, and trained. The refugees are ready to start carrying out guerilla raids on Deep Titan forces. The party assists with these raids, and they are successful in harrying the cult to a degree. However, the resistance groups are still too weak to attack major targets. Furthermore, the cult begins executing civilians as reprisal for the attacks.

The party is approached by one of the resistance groups with a plan. So far, the sea elves have remained hidden throughout the turmoil in the Heartsea. The leaders of the resistance group believe that it may be possible to get the elves to join the fight against the Deep Titan. They direct the party to a location in sea elf territory that has been taken over by the forces of the cult.

The party travels to the location and discovers an elven vampire. A battle is fought, during which the vampire summons deep ones to aid him. The adventurers are able to defeat the vampire and permanently destroy it. Afterward, the sea elves make contact with the group. The party has a hard time convincing the elves to take action. Eventually, the elves decide to send an envoy with the adventurers to assess the situation in the Heartsea.

The envoy is a sea elf with metallic bronze skin. He is much more enthusiastic and talkative than the other elves, and he claims to have just awoken from a very long sleep. The envoy travels around the Heartsea with the party, but is unwilling to visit the surface. He meets with many of the refugees, and listens to their stories. The envoy agrees to persuade the rest of the elves that the cult must be defeated. However, he warns the party that once the elves commit to the fight, they will do battle on their own terms.


XP: 80,000 (I’m not 100% sure about this, if anyone has it written down, please comment)

Session Forty-Three

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